Downtown Core & Corridors Specific Plan

The Downtown Core & Corridors Specific Plan (DCCSP) is a plan for high density mostly mixed-use development in 1300 acres of the City.  It fails to include any mitigation for the traffic impacts identified in the Environmental Impact Report.  Existing neighborhoods would take the brunt of the negative impacts from increased traffic, “F” Level of Service (LOS) intersections and increased noise, air pollution, and cut-through traffic.

The plan allows developers to build higher and with reduced parking in exchange for some pretty minor trade-offs in comparison to the problems this will create.  Again, existing neighborhoods and businesses will have to deal with more parking problems than we already have to deal with.

High density development makes sense when it provides affordable, sustainable housing and facilitates more open space.  This plan does none of these.

This plan should respect existing residents and not push out mom-and-pop businesses.  The plan should be considered by districts and revised with real input from the businesses and residents who would be impacted.

I served on the Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan Advisory Committee (DPAC) along with 35 other people representing residential and business interests.  We did NOT discuss high-density, reduced-parking development with unmitigated traffic impacts.  What we did do was look at pictures of street lights, sidewalks, and landscaping.  This exercise in “community input” appears to have been used to give the appearance that the DCCSP has been vetted by the community.

I will only support new development that will not disrupt neighborhoods and existing businesses.  As the city grows we need to protect what makes our city the city we love.  We should carefully craft our future rather than accepting a cookie-cutter plan from an out-of-town planning consultant who does not understand what is important to us, the residents of Fullerton.

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Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan