Campaign Kick-off 2016 Message

Welcome and thank you for joining the Rands Council 2016 Campaign for the people of Fullerton.

While the people of Fullerton continue to beautify their homes, raise their children, volunteer, work hard, enjoy community and make new friends City Council continues business as usual.

Overdevelopment  Two years ago we put a temporary hold on a massive rezoning of our city from end to end under the Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan. See DCCSP post from October 2014. But that hasn’t put a stop to oversized development and attempts to shoehorn infill development into established neighborhoods.

Fullerton residents need a council person who respects Fullerton neighborhoods when considering new development.

Voting Districts  Over the last year the city embarked on what was supposed to be a community process to create new voting districts for City Council Elections in Fullerton beginning in 2018. But the Council violated the community process and instead selected a map drawn by a bar owner that divides the downtown residential community into five separate districts, gerrymanders districts to help current council members get reelected in future elections, and reduce the voting power of minority groups. I encourage a NO vote on Fullerton’s Ballot Measure II on November 8.

Fullerton residents need a council person who respects the rights of voters to allow them to elect council members of their choosing.

Reopen the Hunt  In 2013 Fullerton’s Hunt Branch Public Library was temporarily closed and has since never been reopened. Instead, Council voted to lease the Hunt children’s library in  southwest Fullerton for less than the cost of a downtown one bedroom apartment to a church. City resources such be available for all residents to use. The main branch and children’s library should be funded appropriately to maintain and improve the quality of life for our children and the whole community.

Fullerton residents need a council person who respects the needs of the community and fund resources appropriately.

This is not a complete list of the issues affecting Fullerton residents.  There are challenges on the horizon regarding the impacts of short term rentals in residential neighborhoods, cleaning up downtown Fullerton, maintaining infrastructure, protecting our affordable water sources and ensuring city services such as police, fire, and code enforcement are able to provide safety for all Fullerton residents.

Fullerton residents need a council person who is only motivated by what is best for Fullerton residents in all matters that come before the council.

Please contact Jane Rands with questions and concerns, like our  Facebook page to receive updates, and check back here for more posts as the campaign season progresses.

Vote Jane Rands for Fullerton City Council on November 8, 2016 to provide representation for Fullerton’s neighborhoods and families.